>> WE are the team! <<

»Mission ĎLost Generationí supports good music«

On an ordinary Sunday in November 2010 an e-mail with that exact same subject was passed round and eventually turned into a project whose planning and development was ambitiously taken over by a team of five people. First of all a name for this project had to be found, a real name instead of the working-title which had been used before. And finally:

Noxminor Promotion was born!

Or rather »Nightshade Promotion«, the name which was found in the first place actually. But this first one made way for todayís name after a year.
Anyway! Letís go back to history of origins. Further weeks of planning, organizing and realisation were necessary before this little baby could stand on its own feet, ready to walk out into the world.

But how was it conceived, this project?
The answer is both logical and simple. What started it all off were two gigs seen by part of our team. As much as they had enjoyed them were they now wondering if and how it might be possible to share their experience with all those people who hadnít known about the bands yet. One thing was absolutely certain: The bands which had rocked the stage those nights definitely deserved more attention!
What happened after the project was born? Naturally we talked to the bands which had triggered off the whole idea and managed to get them on board.

What exactly is Noxminor Promotion?
Noxminor Promotion is a team of active people for who music is more than just a pastime. People who are committed to actively supporting »their bands« and who are doing this in their free time on a voluntary and absolutely gratuitously basis. And that means
- promoting the band itself
- promoting new CD-releases
- promoting tours and individual gigs
on the WorldWideWeb as well as on the streets.

This will be put into practice through
- word of mouth and advertisement on the WorldWideWeb, in all well-known social networks such as Facebook or Myspace and on various fan platforms (of other bands, too)
- use of banners and digital flyers on the internet
- flyers and posters on the streets (, ideally in the respective towns and places where the bands perform)
- design of flyers and other means of advertisement by Noxminor Promotion at the bandsí request
- writing of press releases or support in writing suchlike (at the bandís request as well)
- finding clubs which offer possibilities for the bands to perform
- publication of the bandsí music via diverse online radio stations, which are cooperating partners of Noxminor Promotion (and, through that, further recommendation to other radio shows)
- contact of the media, (also radio stations,) in order to attract more attention
- support of the bandsí further activities

The big aim of Noxminor Promotion with all these activities:
The team wants to enhance the bandsí degree of popularity as much as possible and therefore create more opportunities for selling their music and for live gigs. The team also hopes to make various gigs possible in different parts of Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland.

Noxminor Promotionsí guiding principle:
Letís work together Ė not against each other!
The team doesnít want to push through a selfish project and carry out activities that the bands donít approve of. The teamsí highest priority therefore is to stick to all agreements with the bands and to cooperate with them.

What Noxminor Promotion (unfortunately) is not:
A commercial promotion agency. Though the team is totally backing this project, everything the team does just happens in free time. Therefore itís gratuitously. And of course this also means the team is limited in time and finances.
Nevertheless the team is endeavored to do anything possible to reach itsí aim and to support the musicians on their way to the top.

Thus Rock on! Carry the music out into the world!
The Noxminor-team stands directly behind it. :)

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