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»His lyrics are profound, his show bizarre, the overall picture fascinating.
Just something else.«
(Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

Just something else. - That may be the only fitting description for an artist who isnít able to find even a clear statement of his own style.

»Currently, I would simply describe the whole thing as artful mix of styles or kaleidoscopic potpourri, cross-genre, oscillating mixture or just as a very individual style.«

So the answer to the question of a style that is at least as diverse, colorful, dazzling and yet sophisticated philosophical as its author himself. Meinhard is an artist, who has the best intentions, so he canít be squeezed into one of the many drawers, which the music world willing holds out there.

But should it be of absolutely needs to compare the musical works of Meinhard with anything before, so one would have the terms alternative, glam, pop and rock name, decorated with elements of Gothic and Visual Kei. But this still wouldnít be nearly enough to fully grasp Meinhard.
But you have to put effort into, the question: Is it really necessary to start the trial, but to find a suitable drawer yet, only to this steady and accurate assignment urge to satisfy, we seem to bear all of nature in us?

Especially in terms of someone like Meinhard, this represents a rather absurd question.
A short time jump in the childhood and youth of the artist is enough that it isnít absolutely lies in its nature to make people aware at the expense of an inwardly growing passion into an urge to have some direction. Even a ban on listening to music even during these early years of his life keeps him on it to break out of these rules and to go his own way.
In 2000, he created on its own the first cornerstone to realize his dreams of musicians and entertainers of life. He left Lower Bavaria, his home and set off to Munich, where he financed the first music lessons and his first guitar with part-time jobs. Only two things that he apparently needed to cannot be stopped by anything and anyone.

After a first period alone, which he dedicated travelling extensively throughout the U.S. and Mexico, he finally focused his life completely to the music starts and solo performances in Munich and his search for musicians who support him in his future performances.

After some initial success and experience shows - among other things, the Munich Gothic markets and various Japan and Manga festivals - this versatile artist's trail in 2004, continued under the name »Jeremiah Meinhard«. And while he works out in the meantime all the concepts for his theatrical stage shows and always slips into various roles, it becomes increasingly clear:
Meinhard, this isnít just music but an overall concept, which is always inventing new, without thereby betraying himself. So exactly this happens a second time in 2012.

Like a phoenix from the ashes arises »Meinhard« from »Jeremiah Meinhard« - new, strengthened, free from old baggage and full of new ideas and visions.
The change back to the old name doesnít means a step backwards.
On the contrary. Meinhard's path leads straight to the front and strictly. And he takes his listeners once again completely into a bizarre world, but actually as good as anyone knows, but which nevertheless seen through the eyes of the musician and artist who holds so many new things available that are worth discovering.

The musical and theatrical journey leads to the first album under the old-new name, »Meinhard« into wonderland, that place on the other side of reality in the realm of wishes and dreams, in the world between sleep and wakefulness, in which Alice was already the days of our childhood, and was wandering where they met a Mad Hatter, a Cheshire Cat and a white rabbit. Thus, this book invites us once again to visit this crazy place, also aptly titled »Beyond Wonderland«.

But we find on the trip, accompanied by Meinhard at first no more Alice in Wonderland. But a white rabbit is there from the beginning and also attracts the audience to follow him. Whoever follows him and accompanied Meinhard by the wonderland leaves on a journey full of fabulous and crazy impressions.
If anyone ask now, how to find just the right way to Wonderland, then he shouldnít lose his heart. It's easy. Just follow the white rabbit...

Moreover, one shouldnít resist the curls, if it intends to conduct a Meinhard live show. The fact that these represent a further experience of a very special kind, proves not only the enthusiasm of those who could already be its guests.
Also the fact that the unusual artist has already left the radio and his live performance tracks in Japan, England, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Mexico and the United States bears witness to a show that should not be missed even once .

»Meinhard is striking. In his concerts, everything is up styled in detail (...) and he's so successful!«

Itís suffice to say: Who decides himself to be a guest of Meinhard, will experience more than »just« a concert, he will be kidnapped into other worlds and crossing borders, of which he didnít even know, and perhaps which even will cause more than just a wonderland...

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