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· June 11th, 2014
The current issue of Electrostorm magazine is containing an article about Meinhard.

· April 11th, 2014
Meinhard will support Lord Of The Lost during three gigs of their tour in upcoming autumn. Go, check the tourdates for more information!

· March 30th, 2014
There are new photos online here at the gallery of our website, from the Shooting, March 2014 with Carina Senninger. We say thank you for providing them to us.

· March 23rd, 2014
The current issue of the label Out Of Lines magazine Electrostorm also contains an article about Meinhard.

· March 19th, 2014
Now watch one first video preview of the world of the new upcoming album of Meinhard.

· March 13th, 2014
Win tickets for the Out Of Line-Weekender with the Sonic Seducer magazine! Bands like Lord Of The Lost and Meinhard are going to play there.

· March 4th, 2014
Watch a short video of a live show of Meinhard now!

· March 3rd, 2014
More news of Meinhard:
Proudly I can give you a small glimpse at the artwork concerning the upcoming oevre about the alchemusical transformation…
What might that be…?
Original text from Facebook Official Meinhard.

-> February 2014

· February 22nd, 2014
News by Meinhard :
'Tis time to jubilee: »Meinhard« is celebrating 555 anniversary of the mini album »V«, published at the time using the alias »Jeremias«. »V« - the »Freakshow of Hearts« was brought into the world of arts 5 years ago, containing 5 songs combining the efforts of 5 musicians… so some with roman ambitions may even rhapsodize it a 5555 anniversary! The mini album was the end to an era of the project and clearing the path for a new one. At the same time it was a requiem for »Jeremias Meinhard«.

My undiminished gratitude still and for good goes out to Fine Nocturna, Daniel Davis, Adrian Galloway and Cris Volt for their grand participation, and of course the entire team involved.

Many a things in addition to the name have changed at »Meinhard« if not to say everything. Yet concerning content a lot is beyond the restrictions of time passing. To celebrate the 555 anniversary one by one melodies of the meanwhile officially out of stock item will be linked here for you, topped with a bit of gossip from out of the hat-box, also to sweeten the time until the all new album will be released…

First up is »Get Far«, the most possibly strangest of the 5 tracks, in which the accusing finger is detected maybe a bit too evidently… Compared to all the Songs from »Beyond Wonderland« the development and progress of the project in almost every aspect are rather explicit Yet, I connect many memories to the song, and still it has lost nothing of the value in regards of the message intended. I would put it slightly - or rather compeletly- different nowadays

And now have fun, listen and enjoy: »Get Far«

Besides the other songs, more surprises await in a short while!
Original text from Facebook Official Meinhard.

· February 20th, 2014
One new festival has been confirmed. Meinhard will be live on stage at M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim on August 9th/10th, 2014.

· February 13th, 2014
News by Meinhard :
Alas, ye first vocals are done for the upcoming album, more to be done the next hours! Behold the cosy atmosphere and the pretty lucky charm.
Original text from Facebook Official Meinhard.

-> January 2014

· January 19th, 2014
Nachricht von Meinhard :
Secret peeks into the creative dwellings: ye new works are a growing and developing quite well, and during the next weeks the alchemusical creations will come to completion!… then the experiment will have to ripen for a while and at given times it will be all revealed… (Photo: Lukas Schramm)
Original text from Facebook Official Meinhard.

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