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September 9th, 2021
Listen to a new sample of a Jesus On Extasy song HERE!

July 9th, 2020
Big News! Jesus On Extasy will join KMFDM at their tour in summer 2022. See the tourdates here on our website!

February 3th, 2020
Read the first interview about the reunion of Jesus On Extasy on now!

November 5th, 2020
First new band photos with Chai Deveraux and Dorian Deveraux have been released.

October 31st, 2020
Jesus On Extasy open a new chapter!
If you had a look at the social media platforms of Jesus On Extasy within the last months, you might have noticed that after years of silence something is going on there again. First of all there has been some nostalgic posts, followed by tiny teasers. And now it's officially confirmed: The band is opening a new chapter. Today they announced the man, who's standing at the microphone in the future. It's a voice every fan of the good old times must know immediately. Welcome back Dorian Deveraux.

· December 19th, 2014
Jesus On Extasy make an end of the bands history:
Hey folks !!!
After all the years that passed, we finally decided to leave this part of our lives behind. This is not one of the decisions you make in passing. But we always listened to our hearts.
We left our traces, but now it´s time for something new. Keep your eyes open, we´ll surely meet again, somewhere, somehow.
A big thank you to all the people who believed in us, who supported us through all the years, and of course who were part of the band during the last decade!
And last but not least, have a merry rockin´ Xmas !!!
Original text from Facebook Official Jesus On Extasy.

We say thank you to Jesus On Extasy for working together and trusting in us. And we wish all the best to Chai, Manja, Chris and Dino for their future plans.

· September 8th, 2014
Jesus On Extasy are coming back. Here's a message of the band:
Just to let you know: In a couple of weeks we gonna launch our new website. The former address is as some of you might have noticed, not longer in use. We gonna let you know soon and we have some news in store...
Original text from Facebook Official Jesus On Extasy.

· August 22nd, 2012
As you can read on the official Facebook profile of Jesus On Extasy, there will be a big special during christmas time and also a lot of news in year 2013. So, stay curious!

· August 11th, 2012
Jesus On Extasy are live guests at Radio Hazzard Of Darkness on next Sunday, August 19th at 6pm. So, tune in!

· June 14th, 2012
The US-label of the band offers some very great summer special prices for US-fans of Jesus On Extasy.

· June 13th, 2012
Today is the day. The official Jesus On Extasy END OF THE WORLD SALE is starting. A part of the money will be donated to the organisation »Helfen bewegt«. You can find all information and stuff to be sold at this PDF-file.

-> May 2012

· May 29th, 2012
Tomorrow will start the official Jesus On Extasy END OF THE WORLD SALE. Keep ypur eyes open! Maybe you'll find some very special rare merchandise.

-> February 2012

· February 18th, 2012
Unfortunately a sad message for all the ones who wanted to see Jesus On Extasy live in Ludwigsburg:
dear fans, unfortunately we have to announce that the local promoter of our show in Ludwigsburg cancelled the upcoming show. Money-back guarantee for your tickets. We are very sorry... seems like a curse or something. BUT we will find another day for a show soon!
Original text from Facebook Official Jesus On Extasy.

· February 11th, 2012
Now follow the new Facebook site of Farscape Records, Jesus On Extasy's label, and always get all current news and more!

-> January 2012

· January 31st, 2012
Read a new interview with Jesus On Extasy at now!

· January 18th, 2012
Now you got the opportunity to get tickets for Jesus On Extasy's gig in Ludwigsburg on February 26th, 2012. Order at Eventim now!

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