-> 10 years Noxminor Promotion!
We say goodbye to a different year 2020 and welcome the year 2021 with a lot of confidence. To us, Noxminor Promotion, it's going to be a very special year, cause 10 years ago, in February 2011, we startet this project under the name „Nightshade Promotion“.
An Anniversary should be celebrated, so that's what we would like to do together with you. During our anniversary year we'll start a competition in January, which is going to take over the following 12 months. Read how you can participate here:

Each first sunday in every month, we'll release one of our live photos on Instagram. The photo will be obliterated except of one little snippet. It's your task to guess which person's on the photo.
Post your answer directly under the photo! The first right answer will win this round and will be added to the list of winners.
The one who gaining the most of the 12 photo riddles will be the final winner. If there is a standoff, we'll choose the final winner by drawing lots.
The price will be a poster print of one of our live photos. The winner may choose his favorite photo for the print himself out of all photos of our live gallery.
ATTENTION! Shipping is just possible to Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

This competition is not in any connection to Instagram/Facebook and is not sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram/Facebook.
Responsible is only Noxminor Promotion. You can see our imprint, contact information and privacy policy on ourwebsite.

-> Welcome 2020!
Time is flying by and the year 2019 is already over. It has been an exciting one, an eventful one for many of our bands and we hope the best for the new year. May it become a good one and continue as positive as 2019 has been.
So we use the chance to wish you all a Happy New Year 2020.

-> Happy New Year 2019!
We say goodbye 2018 and have a look into the future with 2019. We hope you had a good start with this new year.
We wanna say a big thank you to you, our followers. And of course our biggest thank you goes to our bands, that thrust in us. Thanks for working with us.
We look forward to the future with you and wish you all a Happy New Year 2019.

-> We officially welcome our new band: DARKHAUS!!
Have a look at the new opned area here on our website and get more information about the band, whichs country of origin are both, Scotland and Germany!

-> Welcome to the year 2018!
It's been 7 years since Noxminor Promotion was founded and we welcome the year 2018. We hope all of you had a good start.
Also after this passed year 2017 we would like to thank all our followers and last but not least of course our bands for the good work together.
We wish you all a healthy and Happy New Year 2018.

-> Heavy New Year 2017!
It's unbelievable, but already 6 years have passed since we started with Noxminor Promotion.
Again we would like to use the beginning of 2017 to say thank you. We would like to thank all our followers, whether they are following us for years already or they just discovered us.
Also of course once more we would like to thank the musicians for trusting us and working together with us. Thanks to A Life Divided, Eyes Shut Tight, Hell Boulevard, Lord Of The Lost, The Pussybats and our newest band, Darkhaus. We look forward to the future with you and wish you a healthy and Happy New Year 2017.

-> Goodbye 2015! Welcome 2016!
One more year has passed, time flies, 2016 is knocking on our doors and we have a look back to already 5 years of work at Noxminor.
As in every year, also 2015 was a year full of happenings. There were no changes of bands or any additions of new bands, but a lot of changes happened within the Noxminor-team.
With Ela (texts), Jobst, (photography), Betti (translations) and Ginger (texts) we got four new members to welcome in our team. We are very happy about them to work with us and for being a new part of Noxminor.
Nevertheless our biggest thanks go to our miusicians for their confidence and for working with us.
Additionally of course we wanna say thank you to everybody else, followers, interested ones and everybody who reads this. We wish you all a healthy and Happy New year 2016! -> Flashback and New Year's greetings!
One more year has passed. The year 2015 is already knocking on our doors loudly and we would like to have a little flashback within these last hours of 2014.
It has been a turbulent year with lots of things happening. For the first time within those four years of working at Noxminor, we had to say goodbye to bands we supported and accompanied so far. We want to use this chance again to say thank you for the time of working together.
But fortunately every farewell also means a restart and so almost at the same time we had the opportunity to welcome a just arisen new band at Noxminor. We look forward to accompany their way to the top from the very beginning.
And last but not least of course we wanna thank all the musicians, who had been with us during the last years and still will stay in the 2015. Thank you very much for your confidence and for working with us.
In this sense we wish you all a Happy New Year 2015.

The three winners of our Lost Christmas raffle have been chosen and already got a message. Congratulations!
We wanna say thank you to all participants and also would like to recommend the event to all those, who didn't win. Surely it's also worth buying a ticket and driving to Berlin.

Advent season just started today and we got a little raffle for you.
In cooperation with the organizer of the Lost Christmas gig, Darksight Berlin, we raffle 3x2 guest list accesses for the gig with Lord Of The Lost and Vlad In Tears on December 18th, 2014.

To win you have to do the following steps:
1. Visit our Facebook site Noxminor Promotion and click »Like« (if you haven't done already)!
2. Share the site of the event Lost Christmas on Facebook! (IMPORTANT! Don't forget to share it set to PUBLIC, so we can see it.)
3. Send us a private message on Facebook with the text »Raffle Lost Christmas«, so we know about your participation.

The raffle ends on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 at 8 p.m.. Then we'll choose the winners via lottery and send a private message to inform them.

Good luck and have a beautiful Advent season.

-> We officially welcome our newest band: HELL BOULEVARD!!
Although the face on the first promo photos is actually no strange one for us.
Just a few days ago he has been rocking the stage during the farewell gig of his former band Lost Area. Already today vDiva is announcing his new band project.
It's still unknown who the other musicians are, who are going to hit the studio and stage together with him. But already now one can be curiously awaiting June, when the first musical work is going to be unleashed on the world.
Have a look on the new opened area here on our website to get some more first information!

-> Noxminor cooperates with Excursion Entertainment!
Today we would like to introduce our new
cooperation partner to you: Excursion Entertainment.
The young agency of a team with many years of experiences at the music business was founded by Jan Bertram, who has been a part of the band Lost Area for more than ten years.
The motto of the agency is: »You can entirely concentrate on your music, we manage all the rest.«
With their experiences Excursion Entertainment applies to young bands but also established bands and solo artists, who would like to professionalize their performance and finally become better known.
While we are pursuing our very personal aim with Noxminor Promotion - to support especially bands with a current lower level of awareness - our path crosses with the one of Excursion Entertainment as a just logical consequence of an almost identical aim.
In this sense we look forward to a successful cooperation and mutual help at work.

-> HELP 4 HAMMER STUDIOS-campaign finished!
Our charity campaign, which we started for the victims of the burned off Hammer Studios in Hamburg has been successfully finished. Meanwhile all ordered posters and postcards have been sent and we hope the purchasers are happy with the results. Within the next days we will transfer the whole proceeds to the official donations account.
At this place we wanna thank everybody, who has been a part of this campaign through their orders. Just because of your participation we were able to offer help in this way. Thanks!

-> Christmas and New Year's greeting!
Again it's time to look back on a past year with Noxminor. Many things happened and more new bands joined us in the year 2013.
We wanna use this chance to say thank you again to the musicians who place their trust in us. We are happy to be able to support and accompany you on your way to the top.
In this sense we wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays with your dearest ones and a Happy New Year 2014.

Doing something good AND getting something nice? That's possible.
Now you have the chance to get some of our live photos as poster or as postcard. Therefor we already choose a little selection of our photos of Lord Of The Lost, Lost Area and A Life Divided.

How much is it?
- 1 postcard 14 x 10cm: 2,20€ (plus delivery charges for Germany 0,65€)
- 1 poster 45 x 30cm: 6,50€ (plus delivery charges for Germany 4,46€)
(Note: If you live in a different country, delivery charges will be higher. Please contact us for more information!
If you order 4 or more postcards, delivery charges are 0,97€. If you order 10 or more postcards, it's 1,52€.)

IMPORTANT: These prices are MINIMUM AMOUNTS and contain a set little donation. Of course you are free to pay even more, so the donation will be higher. Every single euro cent will benefit the victims of the fire disaster at Hamburg's Hammer Studios to 100%.

How does it work?
- Choose your favorite and remember the number written on the collage!
- Write an e-Mail to noxminor-promotion@t-online.de and tell us the number of the photos you'd like to order! Don't forget to mention if you want a poster or postcard!
- You're going to receive an e-Mail back with payment request!

Info: To keep the prices as low as possible while making the proceeds as high as possible, we will just collect your pre-orders at first until December 22nd, 2013. Then we will start the printing order for all items together. Doing this, we will be able to save delivery charges of the printing shop. So delivery of the posters/postcards to your home will probably be in the middle of January (in due consideration of the festive period).
We just accept cash in advance for payment. We will JUST forward your pre-order to the printing shop, if we received your payment until December 28th, 2013.

-> LOST AREA raffle finished!
Time to say thanks to the participants of our LOST AREA raffle!!!
Thank you for participation and first of all thank you for supporting the band!
Meanwhile the die is cast and we got a winner of an autographed copy of the new album »From The Ashes«.
The lucky winner has already been informed by us via mail. Congratulations!

-> We officially welcome our newest band: EYES SHUT TIGHT!!
They come from Hamburg, musically range between Rock and Alternative and are band number 7 at Noxminor Promotion. A fact that even makes us ponder suspiciously about if this truly happened randomly or if it was bound to happen. Because just one look at the biography of Eyes Shut Tight makes clear that the number »7« already appeared like destiny more than once in the bands career. It's even significantly responsible for founding of the band.
Read about how this all did happen and even more at the new area here on this website!

-> Win the new LOST AREA-ALBUM!
Now you have the chance to win one copy of the new Lost Area-album »From The Ashes«, which will be released on September 6th, 2013 - signed by the band and handed over by them personally while the tour together with Lord Of The Lost.
Receive an impression already now by watching the music video to the song »Lost In This World«!

To win the album, you have to do the following:
1. Go to your own Facebook profile and use this banner as your title image!
2. Copy and paste this text completely at the image description!
3. Send a private message to the Noxminor Promotion Facebook site with »Raffle From The Ashes«, so we know you wanna participate.
To participate it is necessary to keep this title image at your profile until at least August 18th, 2013. (We will check this.) Of course you are allowed to keep it longer. ;)

Important remark: No problem if you cannot be at one of the gigs of the tour. If you win, the album, it will be sent to you by post. So, no hindrance in participation and supporting Lost Area.

-> ATTENTION, Link change!
Because of the problems with our previous link and because it seems they cannot be solved in the near future, we got a new address now. You can reach our website through the following link: www.noxminor-promotion.de.

-> Raffle finished!
The raffle with the autographed poster of Lost Area is finished now. We wanna say thank you to all the participants.
The lucky winner has already been informed via private message on Facebook. Congratulations!

-> Lost Area raffle!
This year we have something special for you again: It's time for another raffle.
The prize is this poster from Lost Area (size circa. 80cm x 60cm). You cannot buy this poster anywhere currently, so it is a little rarity.
On January 25th while the gig together with Stahlmann in Sursee, vDiva, Jan, Fabian and Chris signed it to make it something really special. Thanks a lot at this place!
Get all information about the raffle on our Facebook page from January 28th till February 5th, 2013.

-> We officially welcome our newest band: A LIFE DIVIDED!!
The band from Munich utilizes music to touch upon serious issues and to dare people to deal with things of life, which are going deeper. A Life Divided frames these issues within a mix of Metal, Gothic and Electro influences.
Go and read more about the band while a little round through the new area about them here on our website!

-> The Noxminor-team wishes a Happy New Year 2013!
Unbelievable, but one more year has passed. And this means we are already working for about two years on this project now.
We, the Noxminor-team would like to wish everybody of you our there a Happy And Healthy New Year 2013.
A special wish goes out to »our fosterlings«, Jesus On Extasy, Lord Of The Lost, The Pussybats, Lost Area and Meinhard. We look forward to another year with you and your music. It may become an eventful and successful one.

-> We officially welcome our new artist: MEINHARD!!
And to describe this man from Germany, you definitely have to use the word »artist« instead of musician. Because his musical works are more than just music. They are total artworks.
Go, convince yourself and read more about him personally, about his shows and his music, which even cannot be defined to clearly one style, here on our website!

-> The new website section »Specials«
Today the new section »Specials« opens on our website. It contains special stuff for you, the fans and interested people in our bands and musicians and the project Noxminor Promotion.
From now on there you can find Facebook-Title Images for your chronicle and Noxminor Calendar-Wallpapers for your desktop.
Just have a look!

-> Against the tariff reform 2013 - GEMA out of proportion
GEMA is planning a new tariff reform starting January 2013. If this reform gets enforced, this will cause significant higher costs for the clubs to achieve an event and this will lead to unpayable prices, especially for musicians who are no »world stars«. To make a long story short, because of this reform many gigs and tours of this musicians couldn't happen any longer in the future and it would cause decay to the clubs and discotheques.
With this Online Petition you can get active. Help with your signature against the tariff reform!

-> Further translators wanted!
The number of added bands at Noxminor Promotion increases immediately. And so the number of texts written for the website does.
So we are searching again for more freelancers to help us with translations. Mainly it's about texts to be translated from German into English.

How you should work like:
You should work persevering and reliable, have good command of English, which is required. And in the best case of course you should take delight in doing translation.

What you should know in advance:
Because we are doing this Promotion team on a completely voluntary and gratuitously basis and also use our own free time without earning money, we won't be able to reward your work in a financially way. We just can give you 100% guarantee to mention your name (as a matter of course) below every translated text.
Also we can link your website in return, in case you own one.

If you are interested send us an e-mail to:

-> Nightshade becomes NOXMINOR!! + New band: LOST AREA!!
Vitally important news: We changed our name. From now on Nightshade Promotion is called Noxminor Promotion. The reason for this change: There is also an agency with the same name and we wanna avoid any possibility of confusion.

Basically there is no real change for our musicians and our followers. We still do the same work. Whereas,…after all.
Something crucial has changed: The link of THIS website. From now on we are up on www.noxminor-promotion.net.ms and via e-mail you can contact us with noxminor-promotion@gmx.de.
Until April 12th, 2012 also the old link, www.nightshade-promotion.net.ms, will still work. But it will redirect to this new site immediately. And also the old e-mail address can still be reached till then. So hopefully all our followers will recognize the changes in time. Afterwards everything related to Nightshade will be deleted completely.

Because of the change of name unfortunately it is not possible to keep all our Social Network pages. So that's why we got a new Facebook page (Attention! Solely the PAGE has been replaced. Our »User account«, www.facebook.com/noxminor.promo, could have been renamed and so it stays. But we look forward to your "Like" clicks on our new page as well.) And also our Youtube account is a new one from now on (where you will still see all our videos online of course), as well as our MySpace account.

Luckily we are able to keep our Twitter acount and to rename it. But it now appears that there is a new link to reach it. All the ones, who are already connected to us for sure will stay connected and don't have to do anything to continue getting all our news.

And now the second joyful news:
Today we officially welcome our newest band LOST AREA!
They originate from Switzerland. Their music genres basically are Electro and Rock.
To get to know them better you definitely should browse through our new opened area on the website! :)

-> New Year's greeting & birthday raffle!
We from Nightshade Promotion wish you all a Happy New Year. May all your wishes come true in 2012, whatever it is! :)
Unbelievable, in November 2010 we started working for this Promotion project. In February 2011 this website went online. So you can set our birthday somewhere in the stretch of November til February. And so we already are doing this work for one year now. And because the very first birthday is kinda special, we got something special for you as well. From January 1st til January 6th, 2011 there is a little birthday raffle at our Facebook profile Just have a look!

-> Free Xmas sampler »Unholy Wishes«!
Since December 24th, 2011 the 30-songs Xmas-Sampler »Unholy Wishes« is available for free download on our partner, Burning Flies Radio's website. Besides many other artists, Jesus On Extasy is featured with one song which they present to you for Christmas. Have a look on the website and just follow the download instructions.

-> JESUS ON EXTASY Special at Burning Flies Radio!
In cooperation with us, Nightshade Promotion, our partner Burning Flies Radio will broadcast a Online-Radio-Special about Jesus On Extasy on November 25th, 2011 at 8pm. You shouldn't miss this, cause besides music of the band, bassist Chris will answer questions of the radio team while an interview.

-> We officially welcome our newest band: THE PUSSYBATS!!
Like our first two bands, they are from Germany.
Their music style: anywhere between Alternative and Dark-Glam Rock.
Read more about the band from Stuttgart in our new opened area on the website and get an idea of them yourself! :)

-> We welcome our newest team member!
She's already working with us in background for a while. So it's about time to welcome her officially as well:
Ida, our newest team member at Nightshade Promotion. :)
You want to know who the new face is? Read more at the »Nightshade Promotion«-section of the website or through this direct link.

-> »This is how I support« - WINNER!
Today's the day. The winner of our support campaign for Lord Of The Lost stands firm.

The band decided for the
contribution by Daniela K. to be unbeatable:

So this one is the obvious winner. Congratulations. :)

But we want to share all other contributions with you too. Because every single one of them is creative, effective and beyond doubt a little crazy as well.
- Contribution by Katrin R.:
Besides online support through one group at Wer-kennt-wen? and Mein VZ (just visible while being logged in), she's conducting an own blog, on which she always writes about news around Lord Of The Lost.
Since shortly she also does kind of promotion through a little tattoo of the Heart Enblem. But she can tell you about it herself through the following video.

- Contribution by Anke R.:
In recent times she's diligently doing promotion in her region with her self-made rear window sticker design for her car.

- Contribution by Susanne K.:
She was conductive to an article at a Frankish newspaper (download here as PDF file) and took the chance to call attention to Lord Of The Lost with wearing the Lord Of The Lost shirt for the corresponding photos. (Additionally here's the Link to the website of the newspaper).

We wanna say thank you to all participants for the active help and the wonderful ideas. :)

-> Nightshade Promotion searching for backstop!
More than six months we are actually in place and trying to support bands with our team effectively. Within these months a lot of things emerged and happened, which is just awesome, we think. More bands shall be added official in the near future and so of course work doesn’t decrease, but even increase steadily.

So it’s time for us to search for backstop for the Nightshade-Team.
We are searching for somebody, who, of course, has fun and feels like doing support for diverse bands actively and energetically. You are interested?

More criteria, you have to accomplish:
- Willingness to invest a lot of free time for working with the team. (Because from our own experience we are able to say, it definitely needs a lot of time.)
- Reliability, in all respects.
- Endurance while working and a sense of individual initiative.
- Personal interest in »our bands«. Cause they are the ones you will have to deal with continually. ;)
- Good knowledge of German and in the best case (good) knowledge of English as well.

You are able to answer all points with »Yes« absolutely and are still interested? So don’t hesitate and write an e-Mail to:
It would be nice if you told some things about yourself and why you’d like to work with us. :)

Tasks, expected from you:
- Doing research for news about the bands.
- Writing texts.
- Spreading news about the bands on the net and on the streets with flyers etc..
- Creating graphics (if skills exist, but not essential).
- Administration and updating of Social Network sites (Facebook, Myspace etc.).
- and much more

It is important that you are aware of the fact, that we are doing this work on a voluntary basis and within our free time. So we don’t earn money with it. And with you it will be the same, if we admit you to our team. So it’s even more important, that you are able to do this with all your heart.

We look forward to your mail.

-> Freelancers wanted!
We are searching for people to help us with translations for our work at the Promotion team. Mainly it's about texts to be translated from German into English.

How you should work like:
You should work persevering and reliable, have good command of English, which is required. And in the best case of course you should take delight in doing translation.

What you should know in advance:
Because we are doing this Promotion team on a completely voluntary and gratuitously basis and also use our own free time without earning money, we won't be able to reward your work in a financially way. We just can give you 100% guarantee to mention your name (as a matter of course) below every translated text.

If you are interested send us an e-mail to: nightshade-promotion@gmx.de.

-> Campaign: »This is how I support!«
The newest Lord Of The Lost-album has just been released. The tour has started. So it's high time to increase awareness of the band and their newest work. And now it's YOUR turn!!

Task: Show what you do to popularize »ANTAGONY« in your environment! Think about it! Be creative, think crazy and effective at the same time!

And if »crazy« means to you to run through the streets with the band's website-link written on your body through a marker, do it. ;) Everything's allowed as long as (IMPORTANT!) nobody and nothing comes to grief.

Whatever you do, capture it on camera or record on tape and send this with subject »This is how I support« to
(Videos can also be uploaded on youtube and redirected to us via link.) If you got questions of course you can write as well.

Closing date is June 19th, 2011.

The band personally will chose the participant with the craziest/most effective idea of all and he/she will be rewarded with two Lord Of The Lost-Merchandise products of choice.
Additionally all other ideas will be displayed on our website as well. (If you don't want yours to be, state explicitly please!)

And now, get down to work! We are curiously waiting for your ideas.

-> The new category »Featured« has been added. A place on which we'd like to introduce and recommend more bands to you. Just have a look!

-> Finally we're also available in ENGLISH!
Just click on the respective flag of the country downright.

-> February 2nd, 2011:
Welcome to life, nightshade-promotion.net.ms!
And a warm welcome, dear visitors!

Today, around two months after the idea of this project had been spoken out loud for the first time, the day has come and finally we can welcome it officially with this website now.

We don't even want to make too many words here about what exactly Nightshade Promotion is and how did it come about. For sure you will get to know more about it, if you embark on a scouting expedition through the single sites. As a tip we would like to advice you the menu item »Nightshade Promotion«. And if just one single question should stay without reply, you're welcome to use the »Ask Me«-section to pester us.

However, placed in front of anything else at Nightshade Promotion, and therefore also highlighted on the website, are the BANDS.
So we want to entrust you to direct your attention especially at those sites, which are supposed to bring »our« two first bands, Jesus On Extasy and Lord Of The Lost, closer. Just one click on the picture in question at the bottom box should be enough to learn the most important things. ;)

But an end now. Have fun while browsing.
Your Nightshade Promotion-team!