(conducted in October 2012)

NM: Just in case that somebody doesn't know you yet: Could you please introduce yourselves again?

Dancette: Hello, my name is Dancette Pleasure and I am performing behind the microphone and the glittering machine at The Pleasures. On the guitar and in the leggings plays Curtis Cheiron Pleasure, on the bass and with the blue hair there is Sensai Pleasure, behind the drums and under the longest hair of the band sits Disco Pleasure and on the LED-guitar in the frock coat there is Neo Natra Pleasure!

NM: The Pleasures are existing since 2004. How was the band founded?

Dancette: All the bands I had before were not »staged« enough for me. I always wanted to play in a wildly made-up, very backcombed and fancy band, but it was difficult to find such one. Fortunately I met some like-minded persons in Hamburg who all needed some distance to their too kind bands. With Lord Pleasure, whom I knew from his ex-band Philiae when I was in my jubilee-times, I recorded the first songs. Together with Sensai, Son & Sin Derelllo we founded the first live line-up and all the rest is music history. By the way, in our first video »Yes it's Us« you can still see Valentine Pleasure at the bass.

NM: How can one imagine your music or what can one expect of it?

Dancette: First of all, we're making rock music with English lyrics which is dealing with show elements of glam rock. You can expect wild guitars, screaming melodies, jazzy sing-along chorus, deep and inscrutable as well as absurd lyrics, heavy string player harmonies and the one or other surprise, which you don't expect from a glam rock concert.

NM: Do you have musical idols? And if yes, which ones?

Dancette: For crying out loud, no! Then we would maybe sound like them at the end!? As far as I am concerned I have no one except my own reflection. ;-)

NM: In the near future your new album »Socks, Drags & Rock'n'Roll« will be released. That sounds like a lot of fun! What can you tell us about it?

Dancette: First, it will be the fourthest and the best longplayer of The Pleasures ever! Most of the songs were written in a summer residence on Sylt. In some cases we even layed in beach chairs at the beach und started writing. In the same year we had a tour through the Netherlands and worked on the songs on the road. During a sleepy tour Sensai and Neo called me in their car, started driving across the dutch freeway and played their newest work for me meanwhile. That was a maniac moment for me and I listened to "If you won't stop then I'll start" for the first time, for which I wrote the fitting text later.

Curtis: The title means all what fun makes to me: socks  because they're cool and sexy, drags: because they are good-looking, Rock'n'Roll: because it stands for a path in my life I have chosen.

NM: Will there be a previous single-release und if yes, do you know, which song it will be?

Dancette: In times of aimed downloads and bold booklets I don't believe in single-releases anymore. They don't have a booklet or lyrics and only two songs at the maximum on it. You better should buy our whole CD as itself at once, so you won't miss anything.

Curtis: Maybe, there are a few songs which have the potential for this. We didn't make a decision yet. We are looking forward to the forthcoming album and hope our old and new fans being as pleased as we that it is finished.

NM: If we're already at a lot of fun, let's talk about your live gigs. With whom would you like to play together once? It doesn't matter, how realistic or unrealistic it is... 

Dancette: After playing already as a support of Hanoi Rocks, Tuff and the living rest of T-Rex, it would be a special honor to play ahead Axl's Guns'n'Roses show. Or as a support of Brian May or Roger Tylor who are still calling themselves Queen.

Curtis: I wish to make music with good musicians and nice people. It doesn't matter how popular or successful anybody is. The main point is that our joy of playing and our team work is carried over the audience. Then a great wish of mine comes true.

NM: On stage you're wearing a lot of glitter, sequins and maybe we mention it »active« colours. How much of this maintains in your everyday life?

Dancette: A lot! I barely have any trousers without patterns in my cupboard and adore this stuff so much. Even at home I prefer tight leo-leggings in neon-colours and when it's raining, I wear high-heels instead of gumboots, so I can stand with them in deeper puddles. I love this band, because finally I can be officialy this way. And the girls really adore the glitter.

Curtis: It depends on the mood and the occasion. But rocking accessories, bracelets and necklaces are mostly present.

NM: The song » Friends« which you played a few times live before, will also be on the new album. What is your opinion on the whole topic »social networks«, is it a chance or rather a curse?

Dancette: The social network has always been a great chance for us. It's a good possibility to be even closer to the fans and spread demos, videos etc. faster. Just imagine, a band has to make a TV appearance first so that the fans can see the new video? In social networks you can do it immediately without longer detours. You can also advertise for your shows and music in a direct way and don't have to pay astronomical amounts to publishers of different magazines that no one reads anymore.

Curtis: It's just like in a relationship: everyone should take along the positive things for himself and if the negative ones dominate  sign off. The social networks are good to contact a lot of people. You shouldn't publish too many personal things, just as in the »cyberless« life.

NM: Will there be a music video to one (or more) song(s)?

Dancette: There was a video shoot planned for this autumn, but then we became suddenly more ideas for the upcoming unplugged show and focused on that. We had some kind of a video shoot this year as we surprised some passengers with hidden camera at the gas station with glam rock. The video ran than as a commercial of that gas seller on all channels at once.

Curtis: We still talk about that. These days videos are hardly shown (except on YouTube). The times of being listed in the video charts are nearly over, so I would better focus on good songs and great live shows. If we decide to make a video, it will be a common decision.

NM: Four shows line up this year from now, what expects us after that? Are there any specific plans for following shows?

Dancette: I permanently work on new shows. At the moment there are several conversations about a few new shows in England that we're hopefully playing in the second quarter.

NM: This year you will play another »unplugged show« in Hamburg. How did you come to that?

Curtis: During the last show, last year in Hamburg, it has worked very well from several sides. The people who helped us to realize this gig, the support and the fans were awesome. The atmosphere with the audience was very pleasant and close. I always like that. Therefore, we instantly made the decision to play another unplugged show this year.

Dancette: It may sound sardonic, but seriously because of the »great demand«. Our unplugged show in 2011 seemed to be a great success, so that the audience nearly »bombed« us with requests for the year 2012. Therefore, the unplugged show which will take place in »Club Hörsaal« on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg at 19 December was advertised in media nearly one year before. We are very pleased, to »beglitter« our audience from far and wide on this evening. You are the greatest ones and without you we wouldn't be The Pleasures!!!!

Thank you very much for this interview and your time.
We wish The Pleasures good luck for the upcoming concerts and their further career.

©Translation Nora K.